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USK is proud to host the unique artwork of Derek C. Hutchinson who was as a world renowned sea kayaker, kayak designer and a Senior Coach of the BCU. Derek was also an accomplished artist. He illustrated his own books and had an incredible collection of original prints and watercolors. Unfortunately I lost my good friend Derek to cancer Oct 10, 2012. Even though Derek is gone USK still has some of his "Limited Edition" prints in stock. All prints are titled, numbered and signed by the artist himself. 

We are just selling one book at this time. It was written by Eric Soares one of the founding members of the Tsunami Rangers. It is an inspiring story that will intrigue any paddler. 

If you are ordering from another country (outside the US) and you cannot complete the checkout process, please contact us via e-mail so we can help process your order.

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Confessions of a Wave Warrior
Eric Soares was one of the founding members of the Tsunami Rangers who are a group of paddlers that ..
Indian paddler wearing a spirit mask
This is Derek's rendition of a native paddling a dugout canoe honoring traditional NW design and fol..
Eskimo in caribou-skin kayak
In appreciating the difficulties and challenges the natives endured Derek captures the true essence ..
Aleut man in his Baidarka using a bird-dart
Derek has this Aleut kayaker in full plumage in his Baidarka using a traditional bird-dart with thro..
Eskimo rolling his kayak
Here is a fish eye view of an Eskimo contemplating life before rolling up. I wonder how often Derek ..
Aleut whale hunters using poison darts
Who will survive? The Aleuts in their two-man Baidarka facing capsize or the whale. Derek's experien..
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