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"Good judgment is learned from experience,
experience is learned from bad judgment" - Unknown

Collectively there is a lot of expertise and incredible experiences amongst the sea kayaking population. Why should all kayakers have to re-invent the "Experience Wheel?" We at USK hope that some of you will be willing to share your expertise. If you go to the library section you will see the basic skeletal structure we have planned for this site. Many of the pages are bare right now because we have been working on our videos. However, those pages and a lot more will be filled as time passes. We are establishing an "on-line" education resource for sea kayakers.

If you would like to be a "Contributing Member" and share your wisdom with others, we would love your help. We will not guarantee that whatever is sent will be put on the site. We will evaluate the quality, appropriateness and value of submitted information and edit submissions as needed. If your submission is used you will receive credit for the submission. If you do wish to submit please e-mail it to us.

To all those that choose to share with us, thank you in advance, from the USK staff and all the kayakers that will benefit from you experience.

Contributing Readers:

Shawn Baker (Dec 2001) - Boat Construction

Warren Williamson (Jan 2010) - "Rolling My Kayak"




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