Lectures By Wayne Horodowich

I have the privilege to give lectures and present at different symposia around the country. In the past I have distributed handouts when appropriate. I have mixed feelings regarding the benefit of handing out lecture notes to the participants. I have often seen participants reading instead of listening. As a result of my experiences and trying to reduce paper consumption, I have decided to minimize the number of handouts I do distribute at my presentations. I also wonder how many times those pieces of paper are referenced after the talk. Therefore, I will be posting the links to different lecture notes on this page. Feel free to print the notes if you must have a hard copy for your files. The use of these notes are not part of public domain. My lecture notes are copyright protected. Reproduction and distribution of these notes or handouts cannot be done without express permission from the author. You can contact Wayne Horodowich via e-mail at USK study@useakayak.org.


"Planning A Group Trip Lecture" - Lecture Notes

"Teaching Good Judgment Lecture" - Handout given at the lecture Course Of Action Scenarios











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