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There is so much to learn if you wish to become an efficient, safety conscious, aware and skilled paddler. We at USK always recommend that you take lessons from experienced and reliable instructors. Instructional DVD's are a great way to remember what you learned in your classes and to get information that may have been missed in your classes.

We are proud of the USK "IN DEPTH" Instructional Video Series for a number of reasons. We include more details per subject compared to any other instructional videos on the market. Not only do we cover more details, we begin with the components of the skill, which helps you develop a strong foundation of your skills. We also include a detailed insert with each video to help you navigate to the sections you want to view, aside from the on-screen menus. When you compare videos, it is easy to see you get more for your money with USK videos.

Our DVD's are NTSC formatted. Since most newer PAL DVD players (made in the last few years) also play NTSC DVD's we have not received any complaints from our overseas customers. However, we cannot guarantee they will playon all PAL DVD players. Please e-mail us before you order if you are concerned.

If you are ordering from another country (outside the US) and you cannot complete the checkout process, please contact us via e-mail so we can help process your order.

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Beyond The Cockpit featuring Derek Hutchinson
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USK's Bracing Clinic
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Essential Kayaking Strokes
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6 Volume Set  **Discount**
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Essentials of Kayaking Set  **Discount**
We have combined Volumes 1, 2, 5 & 6 for those who are starting out and need the essential skill..
Open Water Kayaking Set  **Discount**
This set combines volumes 3 & 4. After you have mastered your skills on calm protected waters, y..
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