Beyond The Cockpit featuring Derek Hutchinson

Beyond The Cockpit featuring Derek Hutchinson
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Many paddlers do all of their strokes and maneuvers while keeping their body directly over their kayak.  Most sea kayaks turn a lot easier when they are put on edge.  However, when you put your kayak on edge it increases the possibility of a capsize.  If you can support yourself with your paddle as you lean out "Beyond the Cockpit" you can begin doing amazing things with your kayak in calm water or rough water conditions.  A kayak will dance on the water if you know how to lead.

Derek Hutchinson is an expert kayaker and a Senior Coach for the British Canoe Union (BCU.)  He wrote the first book on sea kayaking and many more since then.  Derek has designed kayaks, paddles, and PFD's.  He was the first man to cross the North Sea in a single kayak.  Most importantly Derek has been teaching kayaking for almost forty years and is an incredible storyteller.  Derek Hutchinson is considered by many as the "Father of Modern Day Sea Kayaking." Click here to see complete DVD menu.

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