Kayaking Kaua'i's Na Pali Coast

Here are some pictures of paddling, camping and playing on the Na Pali coast of Kauai. There are no roads on the Na Pali Coast. If you want to see it you hike, paddle or take a boat ride. Camping is by permit only.

Ha'ena Beach Camp

Ha'ena Beach Launch

Leaving Ha'ena Beach
The Na Pali Coast
Close to the cliffs
Waiahuakua Cave
Inside Waiahuakua
Paddling down the coast
Kalalau cliffs
Kalalau Beach
Kalalau Waterfall
Hammock time at Kalalau
Stream to the Ocean
Playing at Big Pool
Sunset on the Kalalau Cliffs
Sunset at Kalalau
Kalalau Beach
Ready to leave Kalalau
Continuing down the coast
Exploring the open ceiling cave
Snorkel break at Nu' alolo Kai
Turtles at play
Up close and personal
Getting near the end
Loading up at Polihale
After kayaking we head to the condos to clean up and play tourist for four days. Here are a couple of views that you can get to by car. The only way into Kalalau Valley is by hiking the Na Pali trail (11.2 miles) along the cliffs or by paddling in to Kalalau Beach.
Waimea Canyon
Kalalau from the lookout - tourist view


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