Adventures of Hadley and Wayne Horodowich

hadley and wayne

Over the years we have been asked by readers and by folks at symposia to tell them about our personal adventures. With that request in mind and now having some time during retirement, we thought we would begin posting some of our trips. Some of these trips have been the basis for our talk "She Kayaks/He Kayaks" which are our own different views of the same trip.

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Hadley & I first met at UCSB in 1981 where we both worked. We didn't go on a date until November of 1995 which we called the "date from hell." Feel free to ask us about it when you see us in person. We love sharing that story. We were married in June & July of 1998. We had two ceremonies. One was during a June trip along the Na Pali Coast of Kaua'i. We had an informal ceremony at a heiau at Kalalau. I was leading a trip of friends. Our second ceremony was the legal one in Santa Barbara California. Shorts were the required attire for the day.

Regular USK readers know we believe adventure and getting outdoors are essential for a full life. While we enjoy solo adventures, we have to admit there is something very special about sharing an adventure with your best friend/life partner.

And so the adventures begin...

Paddling the Lower Colorado River

Kayaking the Na Pali Coast of Kaua'i

Paddling with the Orcas in Canada

Paddling Glacier Bay National Park

Italy 2006

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