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As we make progress towards our goals we will post that information here. In addition we will also post encounters when we make a difference.

There have not been any outside donations sine 2010, which was a very slow year. I am happy to say that a donation came in this Feb 2016 inmemory of Derek C. Hutchinson from the Maine Association of Sea Kayaking Guides & Instructors. They useed one of Derek's drawings for the club sticker, which is is wonderful way to keep his memory alive.

I have to say that 2009 was a very dissapointing year for donations. In addition, this year's video sales were significantly reduced. Since our contribution from USK is based upon gross sales our portion is also reduced. There were only three donors who contributed through our website for a total of $134. I also collected $45 from the racers at the 2009 the Deception Pass Dash. With the $121 contribution from USK our total collections for 2009 was $300. The $300 bought 60 food cards that we will be able to distribute to those in need of food.

During 2009 we were able to distribute the 128 food cards we purchased with the 2008 donations. Hadley and I have to say it is a bittersweet experience when we give out the cards. We feel terrible when we see someone in need and wish we could do more. Almost without exception, those who receive a food card not only thank us but add a god bless you. For those of you who did give we passed that God bless you onto you.

2008 saw a slight increase in the "Make A Difference" program from the year before. Contributions form paddlers totaled $298. USK was able to contribute $345 which is a percentage of our gross receipts for 2008. Unfortunately our gross sales for 2008 have dropped like many other business around the country. Therefore the total for 2008 was $643. This money will provide about 512 meals (128 food cards) for homeless individuals.

The first year (2007) of the "Make A Difference" program earned $500. We were far from our goal of $2,000. $100 came from donations sent from paddlers (three of them) and the $400 balance from proceeds we set aside from the USK earnings. After seeing how many people visited the USK web site in 2007 (143,067 sessions), we felt disappointed there were so few donations. Regardless, we will keep moving forward with the program, because of the difference it did make in the lives of 100 people who received the food cards.

This latest round of giving out the food cards seemed to reach the not so typical homeless individuals we have seen years before. We have run into numerous individuals and families who are now struggling to find food since they recently lost their jobs. We are afraid this is going to be a very needy year.

In one example, Hadley approached two homeless folks near one of the local missions and asked if they would like a free food card. The lady told Hadley she was just praying for her next meal and told her "you are the angle in my prayers." Without exception, everyone who was given a food card was very thankful. It seemed to lift their spirits.

This year we decided to distribute the food cards a few days after Christmas, because we knew we did not have enough for all those who congregate in the homeless areas on Christmas Day. In addition, many get meals on Christmas day in the local missions. When we walked around the downtown area on December 28th, the 100 cards ($5 each) were gone in less than 30 minutes. We hope we can do more for 2008. Your donations will be greatly appreciated.










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