USK “Make A Difference” Program

2016 began with a donation in memory of Derek C. Hutchinson

Hadley and I felt we had to make a difference in the lives of people in our community who are hungry and may need a blanket because they have no where to go (please read the USK reflections January 2007 “Making A Difference” if you want more history). So we decided to start the “Make A Difference” program.  The program has two goals. The first is to encourage you to do the same in your community. When you think about it, $100 buys twenty $5.00 food coupons from McDonalds.  That means you can provide a couple of small meals for twenty people. Again, we chose McDonald’s because their numerous locations provide easy access and a dollar menu at which a five-dollar food card can buy a few meals. These food cards cannot be cashed in and have to be used for food.  Think about keeping some cards in the glove compartment of your car to give out the next time you see someone with a sign asking for help.  Without exception, we get a big smile and a thank you when someone gets a card.   We know we have made a difference to that person. As a side note, we do not own McDonalds stock. 

Our friends just went to the movies with their two daughters.  They spent $60 for four tickets and food at the concession stand. Therefore, missing two nights at the movies and renting the DVD’s instead could feed twenty people. There are many examples of what we can give-up to help others.  Our goal is to encourage you to find ways to make a direct difference in your community.

There are numerous reputable and worthy charitable organizations. They do great work. Some are so large that a portion of your donation needs to go to the running of the organization.  This is not meant as a criticism, it is just a necessity of running a large charity.  We still give personal donations to some of these organizations throughout the year, because they do make a difference, even if we don’t directly see the results.  Even though we are helping globally, we needed to make a difference locally by being personally involved. This past Christmas was our most rewarding when we used our gift money to feed others.    

As a result of our experience, we decided to commit a potion of the USK gross sales to this program.  In addition we are committing our time and business resources in trying to get corporate and private donations. I can guarantee you that all monies will go directly to purchasing food and blankets. If we get lots of money we will expand what necessities we can provide, but judging by what we saw we will be focusing on food and blankets. There will be no administrative costs and we will not charge for our time. Anything that is donated will go directly to helping the needy in our community.  So if you do not have the time to do the same in your community, we will gladly accept donations and make sure your money will make a difference.

Our goal for 2008 is to collect at least $2000 in donations, which will make a difference during the holiday season when people seem to be more needy due to the colder wet weather and the feeling one has attached to the holidays. If we surpass our goals we will distribute food and blankets at other times during the year.

If you wish to donate to the USK “Make A Difference” Program, you can do so in a few ways, aside from purchasing USK DVD’s or products from our web site.

Checks payable to USK can be sent to us at:
PO Box 12249
Mill Creek, WA 98082

Please be sure to include a note saying it is for the “Make A Difference Program.” If you want a receipt we will e-mail one to you if you provide your e-mail address. We do not send soliciting e-mails or sell the e-mail addresses of our customers. All donors will be acknowledged on our “Those Who Have Helped Make A Difference” page unless you indicate you want the donation to be anonymous.

You can also make a donation through your charge card via the USK Store. Go to the USK store to complete the transaction. Please keep in mind that we have limitations to our shopping cart system. A shipping charge will be added to your donation price depending on how much you wish to give. Please be assured that those shipping charges will also be donated to the “Make a Difference Program”.  The charge card fees that get charged to USK will be absorbed by the business and NOT subtracted from any donations.  If you prefer not to have a shipping charge added, then please mail a check to us at the address listed above. Those who decide to donate through the USK Store please send us an e-mail if you Do Not want your name posted.

Hadley, Wayne and the rest of the USK staff thank you in advance for your donations to the USK “Make A Difference” program and/or if you start the same in your community. If you do the same in your community let us know and that too will be posted. We hope this program becomes contagious.

“Those Who Have Helped To Make A Difference”

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