Those Who Have Helped To Make A Difference

Your name will end up on this page if you have donated to the USK "Make A Difference" Program or if you have started a similar program in your community. See the "Make A Difference Progress Page" for more information.

Thank you to our 2016 Donors:

MASKGI (Maine Association of Sea Kayaking Guides & Instructors.) in memory of Derek C. Hutchinson


Thank you to our 2010 Donors:

Jeff Skippen, BC Canada


Thank you to our 2009 Donors:

Tiffany Abeloe, CA
Jeff Skippen, BC Canada
Matt Hamblett, New Zealand
Deception Pass Dash Racers, WA


Thank you to our 2008 Donors:

Deception Pass Dash Racers, WA
Anonymous, WA
Glenn Arnold, WA
Alan Dunham, BC Canada
Chiana Nuzzo, WA

Thank you to our 2007 Donors:

Victor Brockenborough, NY
Terry Crawford, CA
Randall Kroeck, FL


Corporate Donors:



USK "Make A Difference" Satellite Programs:

None that we have heard about.





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