USK's "Beyond the Cockpit " featuring Derek C. Hutchinson
Volume 3 in the USK "In Depth" Instructional Video Series
© 2003

Welcome to volume 3 in the USK "In Depth" instructional video series. My first meeting with Derek Hutchinson was nothing like I thought it would be. However, in spite of his sometimes challenging personality, we have become very close friends. As a result of that friendship, I began working with Derek during his one-day clinics. At the end of the clinics, almost without exception, the students would ask, "Do you have a list of what we covered today, because there was so much information and I am already forgetting it." Much of the information that Derek covers in his class is hard to remember just by looking at a list, especially the details of his extended paddle techniques. That is why Derek agreed to put the meat of his clinic on video. This way former students can refer back to the video to remember what was covered and future students can review the techniques that will be covered in the class.

Many modern day paddlers that use a euro paddle do not take advantage of the full length of the paddle. If you use your paddle in an extended paddle position, you add considerable leverage and get incredible support from your paddle. Derek covers the many ways to perform extended paddle techniques that are designed to help you turn on very windy days. Also, there is no faster way to turn your sea kayak, 180 to 360 degrees, than with extended paddle techniques.

As a special treat I convinced Derek to let me videotape him telling a few of his very funny stories. Over the years I have received numerous e-mails telling me that the price of the video was worth the stories alone.

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USK's "Beyond the Cockpit" - featuring Derek C. Hutchinson
Running time: 111 minutes (1 hour and 51 minutes)
Chapter Stops: 52
MSRP: $29.95

Many paddlers do all of their strokes and maneuvers while keeping their body directly over their kayak. Most sea kayaks turn a lot easier when they are put on edge. However, when you put your kayak on edge it increases the possibility of a capsize. If you can support yourself with your paddle, as you lean out “beyond the cockpit”, you can begin doing amazing things with your kayak in calm water or rough water conditions. A kayak will dance on the water if you know how to lead it.

Derek Hutchinson is an expert kayaker and a senior coach for the British Canoe Union (BCU). He wrote the first book on sea kayaking and many more since then. Derek has designed kayaks, paddles, and PFD's. He was the first man to cross the North Sea in a single kayak (a 100 mile crossing). Most importantly Derek has been teaching kayaking for almost 40 years and he is also an master storyteller. Derek Hutchinson is considered by many to be "the father of modern-day sea kayaking."

Derek has developed a unique approach (techniques and progressions) for getting his students to edge and lean their kayaks without the fear of capsizing and looking good in the process. He continues to travel around North America teaching these skills in his one-day clinics. Spend an hour with Derek Hutchinson and Wayne Horodowich as they share many of these skills with you. As a special treat Derek shares some of his stories and poetry near the stern end of this video.

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